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Why a company?

International companies

Richmond Fiduciary Group also offers a full range of company services including:

• Full company incorporation in a wide range of international jurisdictions such as Guernsey or the British Virgin Islands

• Company administration

• Accountancy and book keeping services

• Provision of registered office and registered agents

• Provision of Company Directors and Secretary

• Provision of Nominee shareholders to maintain confidentiality

• Keep statutory books / records and file statutory returns as required.

Uses and Benefits of an international company?

International companies are efficient and confidential vehicles which provide limited liability for investors and can be used in tandem with an international trust to maximise security, confidentiality and tax efficiency.

The uses of international companies include:

• Trading companies - Richmond Fiduciary Group specialises in the provision of comprehensive management services for trading companies.

• Asset Holding – Can be used to hold a wide variety of assets including residential and commercial property, yachts, and other tangible assets.

• Investment Holding – Companies provide a tax efficient and private vehicle to hold investment portfolios, stocks and shares or investments in private businesses.

• Consultancy services – international companies can be used to employ individuals who work internationally

Richmond Fiduciary Group can arrange the formation of companies in jurisdictions throughout the world depending on the type and purpose of structure required.