2-REG – The Guernsey Aviation Registry

Wed 22 January 2014

In December 2013, the Guernsey Aviation Registry opened its doors for business as the www.2-reg.com registry. The Registry allows for the registration of turbine-powered aeroplanes above 2,700 kg and turbine-powered helicopters based anywhere in the world, and for any aeroplanes and helicopters based in Guernsey and Jersey. 2-REG is a registry for aircraft that are not used for commercial air transport.

The registry promises ease of use, competitive rates and allows the user to complete a unique registration 2 tag, for example 2-COOL / 2-GOOD / 2-HIGH

Richmond has been providing luxury yacht services for over 15 years and this new aviation registry offers the opportunity for Richmond to, not only provide aviation registration solutions, but to also offer you finance and insurance opportunities, together with ownership through a Guernsey Limited Liability Company to which Richmond can provide you with full fiduciary services, such as Directors, Company Secretary and administration services, including salary and staff administration.

The potential benefits to you are:

• 24/7 service from the registrars;
• A favourable tax regime;
• A stable jurisdiction with significant history of high value asset ownership via highly regulated financial institutions;
• A strong legal framework;
• Unique registration mark which can be immediately checked and reserved on-line;
• A network of airworthiness surveyors worldwide (provided by SGI). 

Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to review www.2-reg.com or contact Alan Jenner – 00 44 1481 713667 / alan.jenner@richmondgroup.uk.com